Robert S. Duncanson – Part III

Robert Duncanson had a hard time finishing, “Land of the Lotus Eaters.” It’s hard to focus when your country’s in a civil war, I suppose. He did finally wrap it up and in May, he even exhibited it. You know, it never dawned on me to think about exhibitions happening during the Civil War. I’mContinue reading “Robert S. Duncanson – Part III”

Louis Delsarte: The People’s Painter

According to the Louis Delsarte website, Delsarte’s parents were friends with artists and entertainers from the Harlem Renaissance like Lena Horne, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Langston Hughes. Back then, it wasn’t called the Harlem Renaissance, it was called, “The New Negro Movement,” after the 1925 anthology edited by Alaine Locke titled, “The New Negro.”Continue reading “Louis Delsarte: The People’s Painter”

David C. Driskell – Part II

This is Part II of the two part series on David C. Driskell. I’ve listed my sources for the last two episodes below. Also, when you get a chance, watch the HBO documentary titled, “Black Art: In the Absence of Light.” It’s based upon one of Driskell’s major exhibitions he organized and curated. Sources:  Genzlinger,Continue reading “David C. Driskell – Part II”

David Driskell: Part I

This is the 1956 painting titled, “Behold Thy Son,” by David C. Driskell. The title of the painting comes from a Bible quote, from John, Chapter 19, verse 26. “When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, ‘Woman, behold thy son!’” This work wasContinue reading “David Driskell: Part I”

Driskell’s “Jazz Singer (Lady of Leisure, Fox) Discussion w/ ElleBeah

This episode is a little different. I consider it a “pre-episode” episode. It’s more like an introduction into the work of David Driskell, the artist I’ll be covering next on The Whole Art Nebula. In this, I discuss his work titled, “Jazz Singer (Lady of Leisure, Fox)” with my good friend ElleBeah. This is justContinue reading “Driskell’s “Jazz Singer (Lady of Leisure, Fox) Discussion w/ ElleBeah”

Ed Clark: The Innovator

The Football Game, 1952 – Nicolas de Staël Untitled 1952, Paris – Ed Clark The Big Egg, 1968 – Ed Clark I’d like to first start off by saying, in my initial research about the life of Ed Clark, there wasn’t a whole lot online about his personal background, such as family, childhood and soContinue reading “Ed Clark: The Innovator”

Episode 3 Season 1: Frank J. Brown – Another Day…

The sculpture is not very big. It measures 12 and a quarter inches by 11 and a half by 11 and a half. It’s an intertwined press of people around a structure, brown arms, legs and heads – frantically climbing on top of each other to get to the top – as if their livesContinue reading “Episode 3 Season 1: Frank J. Brown – Another Day…”

Episode 2 Season 1: Emma Amos – Through Time and Space

The canvas is bordered by what looks to be kente cloth. Against a bright blue background with slashes of yellow and strokes of black, a man in blue and white plaid pants – fear in his eyes – embraces a woman in a red and white plaid dress. She’s looked down – clearly distressed.  NotContinue reading “Episode 2 Season 1: Emma Amos – Through Time and Space”