Alma Thomas Part II

It was at Howard University, where Alma Thomas met professor James V. Herring. You might remember this professor from our coverage of the artist, curator and scholar, David Driskell. To refresh your memory, James V. Herring, was an artist himself and founded the art department at Howard University in 1922. Remember, Thomas enrolled in HowardContinue reading “Alma Thomas Part II”

David C. Driskell – Part II

This is Part II of the two part series on David C. Driskell. I’ve listed my sources for the last two episodes below. Also, when you get a chance, watch the HBO documentary titled, “Black Art: In the Absence of Light.” It’s based upon one of Driskell’s major exhibitions he organized and curated. Sources:  Genzlinger,Continue reading “David C. Driskell – Part II”