Alma Thomas – Part I

The Thomas family lived in a large middle-class home on top of a hill surrounded by trees, gardens and flowers. Education was heavily emphasized in her the family and Alma had aunts that were school teachers who would invite other educators out to Columbus to visit. According to my favorite source, “A History of African-American Artists” by Romare Bearden and Harry Henderson, Booker T. Washington popped in every now and then as well.

Episode 2 Season 1: Emma Amos – Through Time and Space

The canvas is bordered by what looks to be kente cloth. Against a bright blue background with slashes of yellow and strokes of black, a man in blue and white plaid pants – fear in his eyes – embraces a woman in a red and white plaid dress. She’s looked down – clearly distressed.  NotContinue reading “Episode 2 Season 1: Emma Amos – Through Time and Space”